The Sister Social (launched 2019) is a topical media industry-related networking gathering to celebrate, inspire, and create new bonds with our Chicago-based Sisters in Cinema community.

The invitation only event is free to all attendees.

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Sister Social Connect

May 24, 2023 at 6:00-7:00 pm CST

This event is for Black women, girls, & gender nonconforming media makers who want to connect with other creatives as they move along their own creative journey. Let’s conspire, collaborate, and build together.

Inspired by the multi-hyphenate creative Issa Rae, who suggests that we “network across” as opposed to networking with big executives or major producers, this virtual event holds space for collaborators across Chicago to meet one another. Through a series of facilitated activities and conversations, you will get to meet folks interested in the power of our creative voice.

You’re next collaborator could be a lot closer than you think. It’s time to meet people just as hungry as you to create something new.

The event is virtual and free to all invited guests. It will take place May 24, 2023 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm CST. Register for the event here.

How to Tap Into Your Creative Flow

April 26, 2023 at 6:00-7:00 pm CST

Our next Sister Social event “How to Tap Into Your Creative Flow” is happening online on Wednesday, April 26th.

Do you have an idea you want to share with the world, but can’t build up the energy to create it? Do you have writer’s block? Is it difficult to find motivation to create? While creative blocks can be due to external factors like our environment or personal stressors, there are a couple universal tools that researchers have found to activate what’s known as creative flow.

Creative flow can be defined as a state of being in which creative works flow out of you and you are in your “groove.” This is the period of time when you have few inhibitions to create and you allow yourself to release into a creative work.

Inspired by research compiled by Chicago movement artist Danbee Kim, Sisters in Cinema’s Program Manager Sarah O. will facilitate a workshop on the ins and outs of tapping into creative flow. Believe it or not, there are helpful tips and suggestions for how to activate your brain into an artistic flow state. Learn about this research and share in community about some of the struggles you’ve been facing because trust us, you’re not alone!

“Tapping Into Creative Flow” is a part of Sisters in Cinema’s Sister Social series. This program series seeks to create a space specifically for Black women and Black gender nonconforming media makers to connect and build skills as a community together. If you identify as a Black woman or Black gender nonconforming media maker, you are welcome to join this affinity space!

This event is virtual and free. Register now to reserve your spot in the workshop.

Building and Monetizing Your Online Brand with Kai Foster

March 27, 2023 at 6:00-7:00 pm CST

Sisters in Cinema is kicking off our 2023 Sister Social series with an online workshop presented by Kai Foster. 

Kai Foster is a Chicago native and video creator. By being vulnerable and true to herself, she has built  a following of over 250,000 subscribers for her sincerely, kai channel on Youtube and 25,000 followers on Instagram. In building her online presence, she has also garnered support from a wide range of brands and advertisers. How did she manage this at the young age of 23? 

In this workshop, Kai will share both the financial and mental steps that led her to be successful and effective in the building of her online brand as an entrepreneur and the creator of Kai Foster, LLC.

How did she build her brand with a following of over 240k followers across multiple social media platforms? She will explore a range of topics including: financial tips and tricks including how to ethically monetize your creative talents and abilities, the equipment she uses, and the mental health care needs that she practices to stay sane. Building and Monetizing Your Online Brand with Kai Foster uncovers how to find your most authentic voice as a storyteller. 

After her workshop presentation we’ll open up for Q&A with our online audience.  

Sister Social is a topical media industry-related networking gathering to celebrate, inspire, and create new bonds with our Sisters in Cinema community of Black women and gender nonconforming creatives in the Chicagoland area.

This event is virtual and free to all attendees. Register now to reserve your spot in the workshop.