Opening Fall 2021!

2310 E 75th St. Chicago, IL 


Sisters in Cinema provides a unique opportunity to bring the often-missing voices of Black women, girls and gender nonconforming individuals to the forefront as makers—their inclusion and the stories they can tell are important. With support, we will be able to manifest our mission to center and celebrate Black girls, women, and gender non-conforming media makers, providing programs designed to educate, raise visibility, and support and serve our communities.

Once completed, the Media Art Center will house gallery space, a 45-seat theater, an editing and computer lab, offices, and classroom and conference space. It will be open to the community and media makers and is set to offer workshops, courses, and comprehensive programming free of charge when it opens. Sisters in Cinema programs include:

  • The Sisters in Cinema Documentary Fellowship
  • The Sisters Screening Series
  • The Sister Social: Networking Industry Events
  • The Sisters in Cinema Newsroom
  • Sisters in Cinema Productions

The time is now. Our Sisters cannot wait any longer. With your help, we can make this happen!


The Media Arts Center is a project made possible, in part, by the City of Chicago’s Neighborhood Opportunity Fund, which finances commercial and cultural projects in historically disinvested neighborhoods by redirecting revenue generated from downtown development. South Shore is one of the neighborhoods that benefits from this program and is also where Sisters in Cinema’s founder, Yvonne Welbon, grew up and currently lives.